2015 – Alarms and Excursions

Poster“Alarms and Excursions”, a comedy by Michael Frayn, was performed by TADS from Wednesday 22nd – Saturday 25th April 2015.


This series of seven plays depicts the difficulties modern technology has added to our everyday lives. “Doubles” sees two couples having similar problems in adjacent hotel rooms. “Glassnost” presents us with a political speech sabotaged by a harassed autocue operator. In “Look Away Now”, passengers ignore their airlines’ safety lecture. “Alarms” sees two couples embark on a dinner party which is doomed to failure as, one by one, labour-saving devices and even furniture become hostile, this party is then revisited in “Leavings”. “Heart to Heart” deals with the impossibility of communication at a noisy drinks party. The last play, “Immobiles” is acted out entirely over the phone, as the German guest arriving at the airport, and the hosts meeting her, try desperately to locate each other.



Miles James MacWilliam
Melanie Hazel Wright
Laurence Mark Prout
Lynn Clare McCaffrey


Baroness Armament Prudence Goss

Look Away Now

Aptly Patricia Garton
Bloss Frank Jenkins
Charr Liz Treacy
Voice of the Stewardess Lisa Punter

Alarms & Leavings

Nicholas Mark Prout
John Frank Jenkins
Jocasta Hazel Wright
Nancy Clare McCaffrey
Voice of Peter Pinch David Midlane

Heart To Heart

Clifford James MacWilliam
Charmian Ivy Andrews
Peter Frank Jenkins


Clifford James MacWilliam
Charmian Ivy Andrews
Peter Frank Jenkins

Directed by Sarah Jones