2016 – Party Piece

PartyPiecePosterSmall“Party Piece” by Richard Harris was performed by TADS from Wednesday 13th April – Saturday 16th April 2016.


Set in the back gardens of feuding neighbours, this is a very funny and fast paced comedy. It is the night of Michael and Roma’s fancy dress house-warming party. The evening looks set to be a lively one until a string of hilarious disasters strike, including a distinct lack of guests, a burning garden shed, a marauding Zimmer frame and the prospect of an irate husband on the prowl.


Michael Smethurst Frank Jenkins
Roma Smethurst Hazel Wright
Mrs. Hinson Prudence Goss
David Hinson Mark Prout
Jennifer Hinson Lisa Punter
Toby Hancock James Ager
Sandy Lloyd-Meredith Clare McCaffrey

Directed by Sarah Jones