2016 – Lord Arthur Savile’s Crime

“Lord Arthur Savile’s Crime” by Constance Cox, based on the story by Oscar Wilde. was performed by TADS from Wednesday 16th November – Saturday 19th November 2016


Set in late nineteenth century London, Arthur meets a chiromantist at a party given by his aunt Gladys. His life is about to change.


Baines the Butler James Ager
Lord Arthur Savile Mark Prout
Sybil Merton Holly Farrar
The Dean of Paddington Martin Picken
Lady Windermere Hazel Wright
Lady Beauchamp Prudence Goss
Lady Julia Merton Jenny Lee
Mr Podgers James MacWilliam
Nellie Lin McNeil
Herr Winkelkopf Grahame Nightingale

Directed by John Lillyman