2015 – Brassed Off

“Brassed Off”, adapted by Paul Allen, based on the screenplay by Mark Herman from the smash-hit film, was performed by TADS from Wednesday 11th – Saturday 14th November 2015.


It is 1992, Grimley Colliery faces the threat of closure and the future of the brass band seems uncertain. With the miners torn between redundancy packages and the picket lines, band-leader Danny’s hopes of winning the national brass band competition seem like a distant dream. But the arrival of flugelhorn-playing Gloria brings hope, romance and controversy to the Yorkshire brass band on the brink of collapse.


Shane Harry Lines
Danny Grahame Nightingale
Gloria Sarah Jones
Andy Mark Prout
Sandra Miranda Case
Phil James Ager
Rita Nicola Wilkins
Harry John Lillyman
Vera Jenny Lee
Jim James MacWilliam
Bailiff / Announcer Tony Ferns
Melody Imogen Case /
Brooke Rayner
Craig Jakub Colby /
Alfie Punter

Directed by Martin Picken