Abigail’s Party

After a long break TADS are back! For their first show since 2019 they’ll be travelling back to the 1970s and a time of cheese and pineapple on sticks, paisley prints, and Demis Roussos.

Suburban socialite Beverly and her husband Laurence are hosting a drinks party, despite Laurence arriving home late from work. They have invited their new neighbors, married couple Tony and Angela, along with their recently divorced next door neighbor Susan, who has been banished from her home as her teenage daughter Abigail is throwing her first party.

As the drinks flow, tensions rise. Beverly flirts with Tony, while Laurence sulks on the sofa. Sniping, bickering, and drunken dancing ensue, until the evening comes to a sudden unexpected close.

Performances will be from Wednesday 11th to Saturday 14th of May. Tickets are available from https://tadsthrapston.org.uk/tickets or on 07543 321219.